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Breast Augmentation Thailand

Breast Augmentation – Thailand Cosmetic Surgery at Naravee Aesthetic Clinic

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure involving the use of implants and other corrective procedures to the bust area. The purpose of breast augmentation surgery is to enhance and correct female breasts to create a more pleasing size and shape, depending on the personal preferences of the patient. A successful breast augmentation procedure will leave the patient with a firmer and fuller bust, which is sure to inspire confidence. Cosmetic procedures in Western nations are extremely expensive and so the operation is way outside the budget of what most women can afford, but breast augmentation in Thailand is much more affordable and accessible.

Breast Implants in Bangkok with Five Star Facilities

Low cost, high quality breast augmentation in Thailand is now available at Naravee Aesthetic Clinic. Choosing the right plastic surgery clinic for your breast augmentation in Thailand is essential. Although there are a number of high quality medical centres, Naravee Aesthetic Clinic specialises in cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast implants. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is our location, which is easily accessible by international flights from countries all over the world.

Our internationally trained doctors can perform a wide variety of breast augmentation procedures at a fraction of the cost in western countries, without sacrificing quality, safety, or after care.

Why Go to Bangkok for Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation in Thailand is cheaper, but the luxury and quality of service is world-class. Each year, over 1.2 million visitors specifically choose Thailand for various cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. At Naravee, we cater to all international clients with our world-class facilities and friendly staff, all of whom are fluent in English. Once your procedure is complete, you can relax at a luxurious hotel and enjoy a holiday at the same time. The whole package is still cheaper than having the procedure done back home!

What Naravee Offers

Naravee provides a wide range of procedures to achieve effective breast augmentation. Thailand is home to many clinics that offer cosmetic surgery, but our clinic is one of the most respected in the country, with some of Bangkok’s most skilled surgeons. We are able to perform many procedures including:

Breast Implants Thailand

Breast Implants in Bangkok

Thousands of people travel to Bangkok for breast implants every year to enhance the form and feel of the breast. A small incision is made in the breast region, where the implant is placed. This procedure is usually used to enlarge breasts, or to restore breast volume that has been lost after pregnancy or weight-loss. The scars from this form of surgery are minimal and disappear within a few weeks. There are a number of different sizes and shapes of breast implants. Bangkok cosmetic surgery clinics offer international-quality implants. Read More

Breast Lift Thailand

Breast Lift

A breast lift does not involve adding volume to the bust with implants, but rather is designed to change the shape of a woman’s breasts. This procedure involves incisions that will elevate the breast while removing excess skin. Read More

Areola Reduction Thailand

Areola Reduction

The areola is part of the nipple - the dark skin that is located around the nipple to be exact. The areola can increase in size and darken during pregnancy, or it may appear out of proportion after your breast augmentation in Thailand. To deal with this issue, tiny incisions are made to reduce the areola, which improves the appearance of the nipple and breast. Read More

Male Breast Reduction Thailand

Male Breast Reduction

Breast augmentation in Thailand is not only for women. Over-developed breasts in men are removed by making several small incisions around the breast tissue, after which a thin tube called a cannula is entered to loosen the fat. This fat is then sucked out and discarded. Read More

For more information, please visit the individual procedure pages on our site. You can also view our before and after gallery of breast implants in Bangkok to see the actual results of breast augmentation procedures on our previous patients. If you have a specific query, please contact us online or call us to have your questions answered directly.


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