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Chin Implant

Although nobody’s face is perfectly symmetrical, there is a certain balance whereby your features complement each other. If you change one of these the rest will follow. The reality is that if one of your main features misses the point, and in the case of a weak chin this is literally so, then this can have a negative knock-on effect to the overall appeal of your facial attractiveness. If you have a chin which seems to sink into your neck, or you have what is called a receding chin, then you might have noticed that it affects how your face looks as a whole. Jowls can look more pronounced and sagging with a weak chin, and what might be considered a normal-sized nose can look prominent and larger than it really is. The mouth too can look droopy and any extra weight around the chin area is far more noticeable. And as everyone knows, any part of the body which looks like it is heading south has an immediate ageing effect, regardless of how youthful the skin might be. Women can contour with makeup, but the fact is, a weak chin loosens the facial harmony or balance of the face and this is reflected in every one of the features. Face on and in profile, a weak chin is hard to disguise, even for men who might hide behind a bushy beard, which often only emphasizes what is trying to be hidden. If you want to bring back some harmony to your facial features then you might consider what a Chin Implant can achieve.

Chin Augmentation is a simple lift which stops your features from seeming to droop, or it might involve a whole new definition to the face which matches the rest of the facial features. Whether you have a round, pointed or square chin, an implant or lift impacts the whole face. The overall effect you want to achieve, or the features you want to change, can be discussed more fully with your Naravee doctor, who can then advise on what the facial results will be. A silicone, or alternative non-toxic filler, can be used to improve your facial contours. The size and shape will be determined by the advice you are given by your Naravee doctor, your consultation, and your agreement to which option suits you. This will depend on the level of balance suggested and your own ideals on the outcome. It is not a fixed prescription but based on your individual needs and desires.

Given that the results of a Chin Lift or Chin Implant can be so immediate and harmonizing to the face the procedure itself is a relatively minor surgery which uses local anesthesia, and can be carried out as an outpatient in less than an hour. Your doctor makes an incision on the lower lip or under the chin. The implant is put inside the chin and then sutured. Because a weak chin is caused by a receding jaw, your implant simply adds definition onto the bone by sitting on top of it.

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Men often want the chiseled chin look of an action hero, or the square jaw associated with a confident, attractive male, who is strong and robust. Although of course there is no link between a weak chin and male prowess, on a purely looks level a chin which disappears into the folds of the neck can often make men feel less than masculine, which in turn can weaken confidence too. Women want a nice curve to their chin so that their features do not look out of proportion. They might even want a slight point to give contour to a sweetheart shaped face and accentuate the attractiveness of their cheeks, nose, eyes and smile. An attractive profile is often as important to a woman as how she looks face on.

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Naravee is located in Bangkok with a main clinic offering International standard procedures in the heart of Thailand’s capital. The modern facilities where set up by Dr. Ronachai Komthong M.D.who has trained and is certified in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Thailand, with advanced training in Japan. State-of-the-art equipment, informative consultations and a real personalized service can be expected from Naravee.

Afterwards, you will probably have some swelling and possibly some discomfort but this will usually only last a few days. Most people are ready to resume a normal schedule after a few days. You will need to take care, however, to avoid any activity which might cause an impact to your face for three or four weeks. Contact sports, games played with a ball, or activities requiring a helmet or chin-strap should be avoided.

As with any surgery, augmentation has some risks. Problems are rare but one possibility is a shift out of alignment, requiring an additional surgery to correct. Infection is also a risk, and swelling and bruising is typical.

A weak chin is not difficult to notice, so if you know that your jaw is receding then you can easily find out what your options are, and how this might impact the rest of your face. Your first step is to find out more information. You can get in touch with a dedicated Naravee doctor through email, or telephone, or by filling out the contact form on this website. Because the Chin Implant is a quick procedure and does not require a hospital stay it is sometimes carried out as part of a package of procedures. Equally it can be a one-off procedure which allows you to continue to enjoy the rest of your time in Thailand to rest and recuperate in the sun.

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