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Jaw Reduction


You might have beautiful twinkling eyes, a button nose and cheekbones which are delicate and defined, but if the lower half of your face has a jaw that looks big, square and protruding then you might feel your face looks out of proportion. Not only that, but for a woman the overall effect can be to give the face a manly quality which is rarely welcomed. A jaw that looks akin to an anvil is no laughing matter and in fact it can even affect the look of your smile, often giving people a grin which is all gums. This enlargement of the lower half of your face throws all your other features off balance. It can be so pronounced that it detracts from the attractive qualities of your nose, mouth and eyes. The jaw is not a separate part of you but in effect an intrinsic part of your face, and when the alignment is off kilter somehow, or the jawbone too protruding, the symmetry of your looks is adversely affected, meaning every facial feature can look different because of this one, out of proportion aspect. You might feel that the shape or your face is changed because of this issue and the angle between your jaw and neck looks unnatural or unflattering, which is yet another reason why you might decide on Jaw Reduction.

Quite often a large jawbone can affect the angle of the jaw. This is what makes it jut out, and if you are a woman, it is this angle which adds a weighty, masculine look to your appearance. If you are looking at the bottom half of your face and it just looks big and bulky then the Jaw Reduction works by narrowing the jawbone.This contouring softens by giving a more tapered, finer and more feminine looking line along the jaw. One way of reducing the angle of the jawbone, which adds to this strong, over-defined look, is by reducing the angle of the jawbone to give a softer curve.

Jaw Reduction is an inpatient surgery carried out under general anesthetic. Your doctor at Naravee will make an incision on the lower gums to work on the jawbone. Specialized electric drills are used to contour your jawline. This produces a shape and size of jaw which is in proportion to your face, and in symmetry with your features. This is achieved by reducing the size of the ridge along the jawbone which narrows the mandible. Part of the surgery might also include trimming or grinding the back corners of the bone, this is so that the angle is changed due to a shift in the height of your jaw, which in turn changes the shape of your jaw and jawline. Your face is then wrapped in a compression bandage for recovery.

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Whilst some men welcome a well-defined jaw, women more often than not do not appreciate the masculine look that this brings to their whole face. A gentler and more subtle contour is seen as more feminine, and can create a softer look to the features. Strong features can be attractive but if your jaw is too large and protruding the effect can be a distortion of the appearance of the face. A square jaw can give the face a wide, flat look which is more along the lines of the Neanderthal than Nefertiti.

Who We Are
Naravee offers contouring specialists working within a hospital and a clinic in Bangkok, in the capital of Thailand. We have experience of performing Jaw Reduction surgery using International standard procedures. The modern facilities where set up by Dr. Ronachai Komthong M.D.who has trained and is certified in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Thailand, with advanced training in Japan. State-of-the-art equipment, informative consultations and a real personalized service can be expected from Naravee.

This surgery is regarded as the least pain-free of all the facial procedures, mainly because your ability to bite and chew is affected initially. You have to really take care of your mouth in a hygienic way to avoid bacteria and aide a speedy recovery, and you might find ice packs help the healing process. After around a week, to a week and a half, you will be up on your feet and out and about again, although you will need to take care not to overdo it for a few weeks with any strenuous activities. The Naravee doctor will remove your bandage just a couple of days after surgery.

Because you will be undergoing a general anesthetic there will be certain implied risks, which are not connected with how simple or complicated the surgery is. In terms of the procedure there is a low risk of any complications when performed by a qualified doctor at Naravee. However, you should know that risks involve adverse reactions to anesthesia and infections which are guarded against with antibiotics. Nerve damage and asymmetry are also regarded as risk factors, however low they may be ranked.

A strong jawline can dominate the face and you might feel that as you develop as an adult that the result can be a masculine or heavy look to your features. You might recognize a large, square and protruding jaw but not realize how it affects the symmetry of your appearance. Your first step is to find out more information. You can get in touch with a dedicated Naravee doctor through email, or telephone, or by filling out the contact form on this website. The Jaw Reduction has a recuperation period which requires rest, and Thailand can offer the perfect sunny respite to recover from surgery.

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