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You might already know that the signs of ageing always seem to show in the neck first, but this is not just by chance, or some old wives tale. The muscles in your neck and throat actually do lose their elasticity before the facial muscles start to sag. Whilst a youthful face can make you look and feel rejuvenated, you might feel that your neck, having lost its smooth, tight and graceful line, is adding an ageing and unwanted sag to your otherwise good looks. Rolls of fat on a man’s neck can make the space between his head and shoulders look short and stumpy, a none too attractive look which can make the whole body look shrunken or out of proportion. Sagging skin and wrinkles across a woman’s throat can put years on her, even if she is slim and has a trim figure and clear skin. A slender, long neck is regarded as attractive, whereas fat and floppy muscles can create the illusion of a shorter neck, and the reality of a thicker one. Your neck is an erogenous zone, so there is great appeal in making the skin soft, smooth and tight, so that this sensual part of your body looks and feels good. What is true is that unless you dress in high-collared tops, then your neck is continuously twisting, turning and stretching,whilst continuously being on show, and a Neck Lift might make you feel you can go out into the world with a more rejuvenated performance.

The Neck Lift is aimed at getting rid of the sagging which is caused by excess fat and drooping muscles which have lost their elasticity. This highly visible part of your body can be rejuvenated by removing the rolls of weight, and tightening up the area so that the skin is stretched and smooth. Your Neck Lift will give a leaner, younger look to the entire length of your neck, which lifts the head and adds a nice streamlined look to your body shape. The overall effect is to give a more youthful appearance, with a thinner, tighter and less-wrinkled neck.

The Neck Lift is an inpatient surgery using either using local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthetic, depending on what is required for your individual needs. The procedure usually takes somewhere between one to two hours. A couple of weeks prior to your Neck Lift you have to follow certain guidelines such as not taking certain medications, avoiding alcohol and stopping smoking. Your doctor will make an incision either in front of and/or behind your ears so that any excess fat can be removed, either using liposuction or by cutting it out. The length of the incision depends upon the degree of skin sagging around the neck region. The muscles in your neck will be tightened during the same procedure and once the skin is pulled up into place, any excess, as a result of your slimmer neck, will be removed. The incisions near to your ears are then sutured. Depending on the extent of your surgery, your doctor at Naravee may put a drain under the skin to help with any post-surgery swelling. A compression bandage will also help in this way too.

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Depending on genetics, lifestyle and the tightness of your muscles in your neck, the general combination can often make your neck look thick, short, or saggy, with more wrinkles. As this can be one of the first signs of ageing, and is so visibly on show, many people like to look at the effects of tightening and lifting their neck before looking at other procedures. Or they may decide on this surgery in combination with minimally invasive or non-invasive facial treatments.

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Naravee has a hospital and clinic in the heart of Bangkok, with operating theaters and private recovery rooms for many different types of procedures and surgeries, including the Neck Lift. The modern buildings have International standard facilities, using the latest equipment and developments in this field. Naravee was set up by Dr. Ronachai Komthong M.D.who has trained and is certified in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Thailand, with advanced training in Japan. We have state-of-the-art equipment and informative consultations. You can expect a real personalized service from Naravee.

The amount of fat removed, the extent of the muscle tightening, and the amount of skin to be removed, will determine whether a local or anesthetic is used during the Neck Lift. Your doctor at Naravee will remove the drain one or two days after surgery. The compression bandage is ordinarily removed after five to seven days, although you might want to continue using this during the night for longer. You will then need to rest up and stay off work for about a week, and avoid any heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for a few more weeks to come. It is normal to have some swelling and bruising. You may also feel tightness or tingling, or perhaps a burning or pulling sensation. Some numbness around the skin is also possible.

Because you might be undergoing a general anesthetic there will be certain implied risks, which are not connected with how simple or complicated the surgery is. In terms of the procedure, there is a low risk of any complications when performed by a qualified doctor at Naravee. However, you should know that risks involve adverse reactions to anesthesia and infections, which are guarded against with antibiotics.

Both sexes know that once fat is deposited and muscles have lost elasticity it is difficult to turn back the clock naturally, especially in those areas where premature ageing is most common. Your first step is to find out more information. You can get in touch with a dedicated Naravee doctor through email, or telephone, or by filling out the contact form on this website. The Neck Lift has a recuperation period which requires rest and Thailand can offer the perfect sunny respite to recover from surgery.

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