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Nose Augmentation

The nose sits right at the center of our face. It is a critical aesthetic component in a person’s profile, being the centerpiece of the face, whether looked at from the front, or from profile. This is because many parts of the face are directly, or indirectly, connected to the nose, from the forehead, to the eyes and the eyebrows, to the lips. The appearance of your face is directly influenced by the shape of the nose.

Nose Argumentation, medically known as Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure in order to improve the function (reconstructive surgery) or appearance (cosmetic surgery) of the nose. It is sometimes also known as “Tiplasty”. It is commonly known as “nose reshaping” or as a “nose job”.

Nose augmentation is undertaken for the reduction of the nose, to correct deviations and asymmetry in the nose, increase the height of the nose in order to create a balanced relation with the tip, to create a narrowed look of the nose without changing the airway, to correct deformities that may be congenital or due to injury and to provide an overall balanced and symmetrical look to the nose and face.

Why Naravee?
Simply put, the Naravee Aesthetic Center in Bangkok, Thailand is one of the world’s finest plastic and cosmetic surgery centers. Our doctors have been trained all over the world and have medical knowledge comparable to anyone in the field from the rest of the planet. We offer you five star facilities and results with the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand on the horizon. You receive all of this for a fraction of the cost of the same procedure in Europe or America.

Nose Augmentation
Package 1.2

Option1: Nose Augmentation (Cartilaginous + Silicone)

Package Includes

  • Preoperative consultation and care.
  • Room charges: Operating room use, Recovery room, Scrub & Circulate Nurse
  • Accommodation for three days and two nights: Room, Nursing service charges, Other service charges and meals (if allowed by surgeon).
  • Medical equipment and medical supplies necessary for the procedure.
  • Anesthesia: Pre-anesthetic drug, Anesthetic Medical Gas.
  • Medication: Routine medication used for the procedure and during admission only.
  • Doctor fees: Surgeon fees, Anesthesiologist fees.

Package Excludes

  • Charges for other procedures or other plastic surgery procedures.
  • Outpatient fees and expenses incurred before admission if required, e.g. EKG, laboratory testing (CBC, PT&PTT, Urinalysis, Anti HIV), chest X-ray.
  • Other charges for laboratory profiles and medications not related to the procedure.
  • Other charges not related to the procedure.
  • Items of a personal nature such as in-room soft drinks and telephone charges will be charged at standard rates currently applicable.
  • Take home medications and supplies.

Patient Eligibility

The package is applicable for elective, uncomplicated patients. Patients with the following conditions are considered to be complex or high risk cases and will not be qualified for the package:

  • Bleeding Disorders.
  • Patients with underlying severe medical problems that require additional treatment and investigation including, but not limited to HIV and uncontrolled diabetes.

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