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Stem Cell Fat Graft

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If you’re unhappy with the shape of your face or body, our stem cell fat grafting in Bangkok can be used to give you a more aesthetically pleasing look without the use of artificial implants or fillers.

Our skilled surgeons are experienced in a wide range of cosmetic procedures including fat grafting. Thailand is home to some of the world’s best plastic surgeons and at Naravee Aesthetic Clinic we are happy to offer you their medical skills at a very affordable price.

Why Opt for Fat Grafting in Thailand?

Whilst fashions come and go, there are certain bodily and facial features that are classically attractive. A woman generally wants curves in all the right places to create an hourglass figure. Most men, on the other hand, want prominent pecs so they can look great when their shirt is off and be proud of their muscle and toned look.

The chances are, if you are a woman who was born with buttocks that are as flat as pancakes, or breasts that lack some robust roundness, you might feel your body is lacking some good old-fashioned womanly charms with its up and down straightness. Or, maybe your problem is that the fat you do have seems to be in all the wrong places. Fat grafting in Thailand is a solution to all of these issues.

You might have found that as you have gotten older and your skin has lost elasticity.  Areas that once looked attractively slim might now look saggy, depleted or scrawny. The face suffers most from this loss of fat, which can be incredibly ageing too.

What Is a Fat Graft? A stem cell fat graft is used as the procedure at our clinic for fat grafting in Bangkok . This is where your doctor takes fat from one area in your body and then injects it into another. This redistributes excess fat around your body to give areas such as buttocks, breasts and the pectoral muscles a bit of a boost.

If you are looking for natural looking enhancement rather than a bigger bulge, which might require silicone implants instead, then a fat transfer through fat grafting in Thailand can target specific areas of your body.

Prior to being injected into the body, the fat is put through a process to enrich the stem cells in the mix. This is so that the fat stays in place. Stem cell fat grafts have a much higher success rate than regular fat grafting. Bangkok is one of the locations around the world that offers this modern procedure, which is performed at Naravee Aesthetic Clinic.

How Is Fat Grafting in Bangkok Performed?

Depending on how extensive the stem cell fat graft is, fat grafting in Thailand usually takes a couple of hours and it can be carried out using either local or general anaesthetic. First, the fat is taken from your body using liposuction under a low negative pressure. This basically means that a needle is put under the skin, a solution is injected to dissolve the fat and this dissolved fat is then removed.

Fat for grafting is usually taken from the abdomen, love handles or thighs. The fat is then processed by centrifugation and decanting to make it rich with stem cells and this is then re-injected in small quantities so it is evenly distributed through all the tissue layers to encourage healthy blood flow.

Fat grafting in Thailand is a less invasive procedure than inserting implants and may be a preferable alternative to traditional breast augmentation for some women who prefer a subtler look.

Why Choose Naravee for Fat Grafting? Bangkok Has Several Cosmetic Clinics

Naravee Aesthetic Clinic uses state-of-the-art equipment in modern facilities and we deliver personalised service. The hospital and clinic are both based in Bangkok, in the capital of Thailand. Dr Ronachai Komthong MD, who is certified in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Thailand, with advanced training in Japan, set up the clinic to provide high quality cosmetic procedures such as fat grafting in Bangkok.

We offer in-depth consultations, which are informative and personal to you so that you’ll have a clear understanding about what results can be expected and what exactly to expect from your fat grafting in Thailand.

Recovery from Fat Grafting in Thailand

Fat grafting in Bangkok often uses small deposits of fat and local anaesthetic so there is no recovery time needed. However, in the case that a general anaesthetic is used then you will want to take at least a few days to rest up and relax as part of your natural recovery time from fat grafting. Thailand is a wonderful place to rest and recuperate, so you can enjoy extending your medical trip with a holiday to remember.

Risks of Fat Grafting in Thailand

There is a low risk of any complications when fat grafting is performed by a qualified doctor at Naravee Aesthetic Clinic. Although the procedure is simple, it does require highly competent skills and techniques. Inflammation or the fat appearing lumpy is a low risk as is the possibility that the stem cell fat mix might stimulate a higher than desirable production of fat.

If you have any other questions or concerns about fat grafting in Bangkok, please feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss in detail.


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