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"I would like to thank Naravee Clinic, Dr.Ronachai and the staff for the treatment, good care and all things they’ve done for me. They made me feel like family."

(1st Runner-Up Miss Tiffany Universe 2009 & Miss Perfect Complexion)

"I was very confident to choose Naravee Clinic. I’ve heard a lot about Dr. Ronachai’s reputation and experience in plastic surgery. Before I decided to go for Hi Def™ liposuction at Naravee Clinic, I did loads of information gathering. I found out that Hi Def™ liposuction is the latest innovative technology to remove unwanted fat with minimal pain and bruising and with a fast recovery. Actually, I’m not that overweight but do have unwanted fat on my arms, legs and hips. That why Hi Def™ Liposelection was my alternative instead of conventional liposuction."

"I am very pleased and happy with the results. Two months after the treatment everything has healed properly. Like any other surgery, you have to take care of yourself to get the best result. Therefore, I am continuing with wearing the compression garment, massaging and looking after myself, all of which nicely contribute to the healing process."

Miss Sorawee Nattee
Miss Tiffany Universe 2009
Miss Perfect Complexion 2009


Pimbongkod Chankaew (Alli),
Miss Universe Thailand 2014

Ms. Raine's testimonial
TV Host. 2014

Khun Nui
27 years old


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