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Thread Lift and Acculift


It hardly seems fair, but the harsh truth is that one of the first areas of the body to begin to show the signs of ageing is the face.  Deep wrinkles, fatty deposits under the skin, and sagging jowls inevitably begin to appear. The effects of age are compounded by the environment and gravity, and if there is one thing which you might feel less perky about as the years advance, it is the drooping and dropping of your less than pert features.  People say that 50 is the new 30 and 40 is the new 20, which means that women who were once expected to quietly drift into middle-age, grow old gracefully and settle comfortably into their wrinkles, are realizing instead that they are still in the prime of life. When you feel good about yourself it follows that you want to look your best, and that includes having fresh features and youthful skin. It might have once been the case that women waited until their skin had sagged down into the facial equivalent of the Deep South before making a gravity defying move back up North, but this is an old fashioned approach for the modern woman. You might agree that it is better to lift a little along the way rather than try and move a mountain of heavy, sagging jowls back up to where they once proudly peaked. You probably want the general landscape of your face to rise and fall in all the right places too, and so you might want a lift around the cheekbones to not be let down with a floppy jaw and neckline, by opting for the combo of the Thread Lift with Acculift. Ultimately, to tighten and brighten might be to lighten the load of premature ageing.

The idea of a full facelift under general anesthetic might seem a little extreme if you want to boost yourself with a quick rejuvenation which gives an immediate lift, and is far less invasive. Maintaining some bounce and bloom to your skin, before the lines are too deeply etched, involves facial tightening and lifting, which can be done in a relatively short amount of time. This type of treatment can be a temporary lift which can be repeated if needs be in the future. You can combine more than one treatment too, so that the results produce an overall complementary effect. The Thread Lift is a procedure without any scarring which tightens and pulls the tissues around the eyebrows and cheeks up. The threads are placed under the skin where they dissolve over time, stimulating the face to produce more collagen which leads to a tightening and lifting effect with greater elasticity. The threads provide support and structure and their presence improves your skin texture.

The Acculift is often combined with the Thread Lift and aims to remove fat from under the skin first and tighten the skin, before the Thread Lift straightens the skin from underneath to correct the premature signs of ageing. Whilst the Thread Lift lifts around the cheeks, the Acculift tightens along the jawline.

The Thread Lift is carried out using local anesthetic in less than an hour. Your doctor at Naravee pulls the skin gently up on your face and the threads are inserted in position without any incisions. Once in place, sutures will lift and reposition the underlying facial tissue to give you a more youthful appearance. About 30-40 threads are put in each side of the face and the ends of the threads are cut. These then retract deep into the skin. They are made of soluble material and so disappear after around six months, although they still keep having an effect for longer, especially when combined with Acculift, and can last for two to three years.

The Acculift is usually carried out before the Thread Lift, and is often chosen as a combination treatment. It is also carried out as an outpatient procedure and takes about an hour and a half under local anesthetic. As well as the anesthetic, an injection is used to numb the nerve before four to six small punctures are made in the skin where tightening and lifting are required, such as in the neck area. A small laser probe is inserted and this is used to dissolve fatty deposits. The heat from the laser also tightens the skin at the same time. Each small puncture is then left to simply close by itself.

Who We Are
State-of-the-art equipment in modern facilities with a personalized service can be expected at Naravee. The hospital and clinic are both based in Bangkok, in the capital of Thailand, and were set up by Dr Ronachai Komthong MD who is certified in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Thailand, with advanced training in Japan. We offer in-depth consultations which are informative. We aim to give you a clear understanding about what results can be expected from each procedure, and what is involved. This means you can have a better appreciation of the many different developments and procedures which are available today, many of which are offered in combination for maximum results.

Who You Are
There have been so many advances in technology and knowledge about facial procedures in recent years that those who would not consider a full face-lift are opting for this non-invasive surgery more readily. You might be in your 20s or 30s and find that you can really see the difference with a little lifting around the cheek or eyebrow area. Those in their 40s and 50s can also benefit, but as the skin ages and sags the effect is less pronounced, so although your skin can be showing signs of ageing, it should not be at an advanced stage. You might find that each procedure targets one area of your face and neck more effectively and that combination treatments produce more immediately effective results.

With immediate results, you may find that there is some bruising and swelling which will gradually subside after a few weeks. There may be a little discomfort and numbness too. It is recommended that you take around a week off work to recuperate.

Both procedures carry low risks, one of which is of the nerves being injured, although specialist doctors using Acculift minimize this risk factor. Because the results of both procedures rely not just on surgery skills but on your skin, there is always a risk that the procedure does not live up to expectations. However, on the contrary, you may find that the results exceed your expectations in a positive way.

Because the Thread Lift and the Acculift are both relatively quick procedures, carried out under local anesthetic, you will not have to spend time recuperating at Naravee. However, you can combine these treatments with a relaxing break in Thailand, where you can rest by the beach or pool, in the sunshine, at any time of the year. Your first step is to find out more information. You can get in touch with a dedicated Naravee doctor through email, or telephone, or by filling out the contact form on this website.

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