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Hi-Def Liposuction Fat Removal in Bangkok Thailand

Liposuction Fat Removal – Vaser Hi-Def in Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is the home of low cost, high quality liposuction. There are hundreds of liposuction centres in Thailand but few have the capacity to use advanced Hi-Def™ technology.

Assisted High Definition LipoSculpture or Vaser Hi-Def in Bangkok, is an advanced body sculpting technique. The procedure creates a sculpted, athletic appearance in males and females by precisely removing both superficial and deep fat around muscle groups in order to enhance the visibility of the underlying musculature. Similar to 3-dimensional sculpting, Hi-Def™ takes into account the shape and form of structures underneath the skin that create body contours.

Why Choose Naravee for Vaser Hi-Def in Bangkok?

We are one of Thailand’s premier clinics. We are also one of the few to be certified in and perform Vaser Hi-Def. Bangkok, Thailand is a growing worldwide centre for Hi-Def™ liposuction with Naravee Aesthetic Clinic one of the most sought after in the region to perform this surgery. More than 300 regular liposuction procedures are required in order for a doctor to become certified in the Hi-Def procedures. Once this has been achieved, the doctor in question must travel around the world to receive hands-on training.

This is precisely what our Chief Surgeon in Bangkok Vaser Hi-Def doctor, Dr. Ronachai Komthong M.D., has achieved. He has trained in numerous locations worldwide including Thailand, the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore, He is laden with degrees and certifications and has written numerous medical papers, each of which has been published.

He will be here to greet you and he is ably assisted by his team of professional nurses and doctors, all of whom speak English fluently. Naravee Aesthetic Clinic offers procedures that are a fraction of the cost of surgery in America and Europe. While you are in Bangkok, Thailand, you can receive a wide range of surgical procedures such as Vaser Hi-Def. Thailand offers the best in modern world-class, internationally accredited medical clinics, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are getting the best care and value in the world.

Who is a candidate for Vaser Hi-Def in Thailand?

The appropriate candidate is the person who has good muscle tone without excessive amounts of fat or lax skin. Hi-Def™ is most effective for those who are already physically fit and seek to add an even greater, more chiselled and sculpted look to their efforts.

What happens at the consultation for Vaser Hi-Def in Thailand?

You should tell the surgeon what you expect to gain from the procedure. The surgeon will then evaluate your medical health and explain the surgical techniques available to you. Your questions will be answered quickly and thoroughly with the area to be operated on closely scrutinized. The surgeon will go over the risks and potential complications of having Vaser Hi-Def in Thailand including the pre and post-operative process.

What are the risks of Vaser Hi-Def in Bangkok?

All surgeries carry some risks. However liposuction fat removal in our centre in Bangkok is safe with complications rare in Vaser Hi-Def. Thailand has very high standards for its private medical clinic and we uphold international standards of surgery and aftercare. The main complications are seroma, bleeding and infection, which can usually be reduced and treated with appropriate rest and self-care after surgery.

What will happen during Vaser Hi-Def in Thailand?

The procedure is performed with tumescent anaesthetic infiltration. The first step is to mark the muscles that will be enhanced. In women, high definition liposculpture targets the serratus muscles, the obliques and the rectus muscle in the abdominal area as well as the gluteus and perispinal muscles in the lumbosacral curve.

In males choosing Vaser Hi-Def in Thailand, the same abdominal muscles are targeted with attention also directed to the transverse tendinous intersections within the rectus abdominous muscle in order to create a washboard appearance. In addition, the pectoralis muscles are enhanced because of their contribution to the anterior topographical view.

The sculpting procedure begins with fat removal that creates a “picture frame" around the muscles to be enhanced. Next, the surgeon performs more precise sculpting that leaves behind small amounts of fat to amplify the underlying muscle tone. You can see before and after results of Vaser Hi-Def in Bangkok in our gallery.


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